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Beautiful Images

Images tell a story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer.

Images Tell A Story

Rest assure we will incorporate beautiful imagery into your project so it stands out to the world.

Intuitive Options

Our intuitive options allow you to quickly and easily customize your web site.

Interfaces Matter

Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We include intuitive, easy to use options.


No matter what screen size or device, your content will look amazing.

Looks Amazing

Your content matters most, and needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime. This happens with our framework.

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Core Team

Krishna Parmar
Krishna ParmarCEO
Krishna has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 6 years. He has decided to focus purely on search related services.

He’s acutely aware what a business wants and needs from an agency and ensures that Techmero delivers on all accounts.

“I live, eat, and breathe developing websites. I love sitting in my sunlit loft office in Vadodara and watching as our work makes a real-world positive impact on our clients and their businesses” he says.

SEO 93%
Miss. Shweta Parmar
Miss. Shweta ParmarCFO & Head of Content
She aims to help new and existing clients in navigating the ever changing digital world and achieve a maximum possible return on investment basis their marketing spends.

Heading a team of over 14+ creative minds across design, content, social, and tech teams, she is the prime person who streamlines creative process, manages deliveries and comes up with new ideas and innovations.

Shweta has completed her MBA in Marketing from M.S. University of Baroda.

Content Marketing 96%
Social Media Marketing 85%
Mr. B.V. Anilkumar
Mr. B.V. AnilkumarAdvisor & CFO
BV Anil Kumar is a successful NRI businessman with significant operations in Muscat, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. At Techmero, he provides his valuable inputs and guidance as a chief advisor and manages the finances matters of the company.

Mr. Anil is the only gray hair on our board and the company is reaping fruits of his wide range of experience in various fields. “Having a youthful management team can be a bit like driving a high-performance car without any brakes.”

Finance & Accounting 89%
Client Acquisition Manager 95%

Team Members

Bhargav Pandya
Bhargav PandyaHead SEO Expert
M.Sc. IT

With Techmero since it’s establishment, Bhargav Pandya is working in Techmero from the time of its inception. Having a true working attitude, he is always ready to guide the newcomers and train them to become proficient employees.

Being a foundation stone, his role is notable in making Techmero reach heights. Always full of enthusiasm, he is extremely proficient in his deliverables.

With a wide experience and a Masters of Science in IT from CHARUSAT, his contribution to the development of our organization is noteworthy.

SEO 93%
Mihir Patel
Mihir PatelHead Off Page SEO
B.E. Computer Engineering

A Computer Engineer, Mihir is with Techmero from its initial days. His positive working attitude reflects his dedication towards the work.

Having a friendly attitude, he explains the subordinates and peers with the perfect guidelines. Always with a smile on his face, he is always sure about the tasks allocated to him.

He is a real team player, who knows how to tackle various circumstances with his wide experience.

SEO 93%
Jarmin Desai
Jarmin DesaiOff Page SEO
M.Sc. IT

The Selfie-Stick of Team Techmero, Jarmin has completed his Masters of Science in IT from CHARUSAT.

He is a quick learner, who firmly believes in Karma. Full of energy, you can always find him busy with the projects allocated to him.

Working with us since last 1 year, Jarmin is familiar with the key deliverables of the business. And he reflects the same in the work which he delivers.

SEO 93%
Mehul Parmar
Mehul ParmarWordPress/Hosting Expert
Diploma in Computer Engineering

Having a witty nature, Mehul Parmar is the WordPress as well as Hosting Expert.

His positive attitude towards his work makes him work will complete proficiency. You can often find him cracking jokes to keep the environment light.

His finger runs quickly on the keyboard, which makes him complete the work quickly.

SEO 93%
Mehul Muley
Mehul MuleyOff Page SEO
Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Working with Techmero since last 1 year, Mehul is a Diploma Electrical Engineer.

Mostly silent in his work, his action speaks in his deliverables. He is in love with what he is doing at Techmero.

The Musician adds, “Techmero is having an amazing Working Atmosphere. With friendly superiors and subordinates, working at Techmero is full of fun.”

SEO 93%
Krishna Patel
Krishna PatelOn Page SEO//Human Resource

A commerce graduate from the prestigious M.S. University of Vadodara, Krishna handles the On Page SEO and Human Resource chores at Techmero.

Always curious about learning new things, she is always engaged in the work allocated to her.

With an experience over a year with Techmero, her main aim is to deliver what is best for the business.

SEO 93%
Nisarg Makwana
Nisarg MakwanaOutreach Specialist & Content Creator
B.E. Mechanical Engineering

An intuitive writer at Techmero, Nisarg strives to churn out his creative thoughts and opens multitude of ideas for his phenomenal blog articles. He possesses the unmatchable skill of adding zest of SEO to his finely crafted pieces.

His amiable and modest personality makes him the most loved employee at Techmero.

“Shweta is a visionary leader and has been a Corporate Guruji to me from the beginning. Her demeanor never ceases to impress and inspire everyone.”, he says.

SEO 93%
Sumit Singh
Sumit SinghContent Writer
B.E. Production Dropout

Being a Tech-geek, Sumit loves to share his knowledge and expertise through his blogs. He tactfully organizes and plans the content and writes compelling copies. Apart from copywriting and content writing, he has a profound interest in writing fiction and poems. Spend a few minutes with him conversing and you’ll want to continue talking forever.

“Being a member of Team Techmero is like being a family. That’s the part I like about working here.”, he adds.

SEO 93%

Former Team Members

Anupam Chaturvedi
Anupam ChaturvediAllround Content Writer
Pursuing Business Management

A Mechanical Engineer from the heart, Anupam is compatible with any kind of content you tell him to write on. Having a ready to learn attitude, his main aim is to satisfy the urge of his readers. You will surely be amazed at the pace with which his fingers move over the keyboard.

Apart from writing, he also handles various other tasks of Social Media and whatever else you throw at him.

Right now, He is pursuing his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the reputed Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA).

SEO 93%
Ayaz Ghanchi
Ayaz GhanchiContent Writer
B.E. Mechanical

Extremely proficient in Content Writing, Ayaz Ghanchi is basically a Mechanical Engineer.

This amazing sketch artist not only writes quickly but also capable of creating engaging and attractive graphics for the blogs.

Ayaz adds, “The friendly work environment at Techmero is what inspires me to work wholeheartedly. Additionally, the support obtained from the superiors is what inspires me the most.”

SEO 93%
Meera Nair
Meera NairHead Content Writer
B.E. Computer Science

Heading the Content Writing department of Techmero, Meera is having full proficiency in writing engaging content.

With a friendly nature and a learning attitude, she continuously aims at delivering the best. Always open up for handling various projects, she is our most experienced Content Writer.

Meera adds, “Friendly environment with caring bosses! What else can one look for? Even during hectic workloads, Shweta Mam makes it a point to check if it is going all well for me. While Krishna Sir will have all the answers to my questions! Both of them are truly hard-working, and their dedication is what inspires all of us at Techmero.”

SEO 93%
Hiren Khant
Hiren KhantContent Strategist and Writer
B.E. Computer Engineering

Being an avid brainstormer, Hiren strategizes and plans content. Right from the beginning, by conducting various analysis and research, he builds an effective strategy, prepares outlines, assigns tasks, monitors execution, and publishes articles while orchestrating the quality in terms of both content and SEO.

Hiren also has a knack for planning a project right from scratch and actively seeks for a better approach to the current procedures in order to enhance the content development process.

SEO 93%
Siddhant Patel
Siddhant PatelContent Writer
B.E. Automobile Engineering

A happy go lucky content writer who is always keen on creating a research-based content. He enjoys going with the pseudonym ‘Sid’ and believes in achieving a greater feat with the same.

Sid can easily blend with the people around him. It is fun working with Sid especially when the need for intense research demands an action.

Also, he appreciates the work ethics and principles at Techmero which helps him integrate the work-life balance perfectly.

SEO 93%
Hema Goswami
Hema GoswamiContent Writer
Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects (Films & Television)

Formerly a Video Content Creator, Hema has a vast experience of working into various Reality TV Shows, Short Films, Hollywood Movie projects, Commercial Ads, Music Videos and News Channels to mention a few.

With her keen interest in writing for more than 2 years, she has enhanced her content creation skills to write a diversity of quality content. Her liking towards music, movies, art, fashion, media, editing and direction makes Hema a versatile content writer in the Techmero Team.

She adds – “Techmero exhibits a peaceful and enjoyable working atmosphere with every co-worker being very helpful and supportive. The work gives me an opportunity to learn new things everyday and proceed towards the path of success.”

SEO 93%
Deval Tandel
Deval TandelBlog Specialist

The silent player of Team Techmero, Deval loves what she is doing. Being a blog specialist for the team, she creates attractive blogs.

Fully submerged in her work, there are very few instances where you can notice her peeping out of her laptop. Always craving to learn best, she always aims at improving her work.

With team Techmero since last one year, Deval adds, “I’m having a great experience while working at Techmero.”

SEO 93%
Sunil Shejwalkar
Sunil ShejwalkarContent Writer
PG Mass Communication

A post graduate in mass communication, Sunil is probably the odd one out in this otherwise very young team. He has joined Techmero after 6 years of stint in cities such as Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

He is an affable chap who likes the work he is doing at Techmero very much and has been warmly accepted by the team despite being very senior to all of them in age.

Sunil adds, “Shweta mam’s friendly nature, smiling face and able guidance is what helps to bring out the best in me. Her trait of delegating responsibility and extracting work from the team members is what appeals to me the most.”

SEO 93%

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